frustrated beyond belief…

frustrated beyond belief

nothing makes sense

it sounds weird

that’s not what i want

scratch that

scrap the whole fucking thing

must begin again

i’m struggling

trying to communicate

what i want to say

i just can’t get it right

don’t know if it’s

a brain thing

a physical thing

or, a heart thing

i know exactly

what i want to write

however, after i’m done

writing for hours

i read it back

and, it’s the exact opposite

plus, it’s garbled


lacking me

it’s like plain white bread

it’s cold and empty

without style and substance

completely milquetoast

like shaking someone’s hand

when you really wanted a hug

saved from myself

my attention shifted

questioning my psyche

why? why is it the exact

fucking opposite

of what i wanted and meant

to write on the page

i’m left dumb founded

mumbling to myself

shaking my head

half of it’s decent

it’ll be salvaged

those were the bits

that were truly me

will start tomorrow

with a fresh mind

and, a positive attitude

i’ll finish what i’ve started

and, send it on it’s merry way









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