a little unwell…

…the last four to six weeks, i’ve been struggling with communication, understanding, writing, and some weird physical symptoms. i know that lack of sleep and therapy contributed to the first three things on the list, but physically i can’t figure out what’s making me feel so yucky.

my symptoms are as follows:

  • nauseous through more than half day.
  • dizzy more than quarter day.
  • headache either back of neck center middle or occipital nerve.
  • frequent dry heaves.
  • some vomiting, not as much as last night.
  • jaws inflamed and painful.

have tested and can look at belly button and side to side without too much pain or problem. i had bacterial meningitis when i was 10 and nearly died. the nausea and headaches remind me of how it felt initially…but, i can bend and move my head and neck. if i had meningitis, i would be debilitated.

i’ve been taking meclizine for the dizziness, which really doesn’t help and zofran for the nausea, which also doesn’t really help. the best things that i’ve found for nausea are anything peppermint and some essential oils.

i had a stockpile of blue hospital, vomit receptacles and used my last one early this morning. i was feeling awful last night, the room was spinning, as i laid down with a cool towel over my face and head. i feel asleep, but woke up suddenly…threw my c-pap mask off and grabbed my last vomit receptacle. i threw up from about 12:30 am until about 3:00 am.

buggs was awake and staring at me. i don’t think that he could figure out why i was making scary noises and holding the rustling blue thing to my face, but he gave me kisses, comfort, and companionship throughout the night and early morning. he made me feel loved and cared for…and i was so grateful to have found such a precious soul!

so, today it’s diet ginger ale, sugar free popsicles, saltines, and chicken bouillon. i don’t know that i’m full-blown sick, but i’m definitely a little unwell.


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