the eyes have it – bookplate #1…

Eyes Mural
the eyes have it – bookplate #1

…i loved this old fremont mural. only half of it still stands, thus the fact that it only reads, “frem.” it’s a perfect example of the decay or distressed look. it’s older, faded, and peeling in places. it exists in very rough shape, but it’s in that roughness and subject matter that i find it’s beauty.

the woman on the mural struck me as the type of woman that you might find depicted on an old lobby card for the bride of frankenstein or similar old horror movie. her eyes seem to show a little fear and/or desperation to me, as if she were tied to a train track or a monster was approaching.

it was fun to shoot her emotive eyes from different spots and varied angles. i chose this photo, even though the car was there, because it seemed to highlight the eyes the best.

there are a lot of murals in that area…stewart and fremont…and in my opinion, this is one of the best. there are a lot of older fixed up landmark hotels, like the el cortez and a lot of old boarded up dumps that the city allows to be covered in murals, graffiti, tags, posters, and stickers.


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