it wasn’t a dream after all…

…i woke up this morning, after having had the most vivid of dreams. i dreamed that i had a car and that buggs and i embarked on a roadtrip.

we started out driving along the alien highway and out to area 51. we didn’t realize that we had gone too far, until we were stopped by a tank or what appeared to be a tank. we stopped, but buggs began growling as a soldier came to the door.

as buggs growled, i noticed something coming out of the soldiers head. i watched as a pair of antennae popped out. i grabbed buggs by the collar and floored it in reverse. we drove and drove. it was dark and we were tired and lost.

we pulled over and took a very long nap. we awoke to birds singing and a beautiful sunrise. we started to get out of the car to walk and nearly fell down a very steep dropoff. i hadn’t looked before opening the door and my eyes hadn’t adjusted yet.

it’s a very good thing that we didn’t continue our descent, because when i could see clearly…i readily recognized that we were curiously parked right at the edge of the grand canyon, with my door opening out to it.

we kept driving…somehow never needing to refuel. we drove to san diego and shared mini-mordiditas at el indio. we parked on the beach and watched the planes take off and land, until we fell asleep. we were awakened by the sound of a loudspeaker.

“vehicles are prohibited on the beach. move your vehicle.” i started the car and sped as quickly as i could off of the sand. we hit the freeway and drove. we went super fast and never got pulled over. at one point, i looked at the speedometer and it said 127 mph.

i kept it floored. we sailed through california and oregon. we ended up in vancouver, washington. i must have called and made arrangements, but we ended up at the dog park and there i witnessed the all out joy of watching all three of my dogs running, playing, and barking. it made my heart smile.

from there, buggs and i drove out to the beach and drove on the world’s longest beach…long beach, washington…where cars are allowed to drive and park. we went into town and found a realtor, who showed us the cutest, most perfect place on the beach. we signed the papers and were given the keys immediately.

i felt a drop and heard a thud, but didn’t realize that it was me until i felt something cool and wet on my face. i opened my eyes and there were two intense, orange, gargoyle eyes on me. it was buggs and i was on the floor. his eyes seemed to be saying, “thanks a lot mom! i was right in the middle of the best dream.”

i got off of the floor, put buggs on his leash, and we went for a walk. we walked for awhile and then i walked over to see if i truly had gotten a car yesterday or not. and, indeed i did! there she was waiting patiently for me to wake up.

i looked down at buggs and he looked back at me with his silly, toothy grin and it was almost like a recognition that we may have shared the same dream. anyway, he has let it be known that he can’t wait for a roadtrip and neither can i!

and, there you have it…




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