welcome to fabulous las vegas, nevada – the cover…

Barber Shop Graffitti
welcome to fabulous las vegas, nevada – the cover

i remember the day very well. it was march 31, 2017. i had a lot on my mind, as i thought about all of the things that had taken place in the span of 365 days. i was thinking about where i had been on that day in 2016.

it started out as a good morning (the name of my post for that day). it was snowing big, floppy, wet flakes. tried to go for a walk, but was so out of breath and out of shape that i didn’t make it very far. i was a disappointment.

i drove around looking for the perfect place to stop and get out and walk…like i couldn’t do the year previously. i thought about the gift i had been given in the form of a diet and exercise program…and i was grateful.

i was grateful for the opportunity to have shared time with such a remarkable individual, who motivated me to want better for myself. i was driving down the strip looking and reminiscing to myself.

it was the day before that day, 366 days previously, that she took me driving through downtown gillette, wyoming. she pointed out the sights to me while i chose what to shoot. we passed the art’s center and there i saw graffiti.

she parked the car and i waddled around, stopping here and there to catch my breath. i tried my hardest to not call attention to myself, as to not be pitied or loathed. i shot the wonderful graffiti for several minutes.

then, i discovered a beautiful, majestic, strong octopus painted on the side of a dumpster. she later became the inspiration for molly the octopus. it was the bedtime story that i made up later that evening.

as i drove along the strip searching for graffiti to catch my eye, i decided to turn down a side street. as i turned, i caught my first glimpse of the vivid and intense piece. there it was grand and glorious…gleaming in the sun.

a barbershop and it’s larger and louder than life street art mural. “welcome to fabulous las vegas, nevada,” the words spoke volumes and left me absolutely no other choice for a cover. i didn’t even know what i would use, until i saw it.

very apropos.



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