mesquite, nevada…

…was the place where i met up with my friend, g***e and her pups. i think that it was around last october and i had just adopted, buggs. she got us some really nice rooms and we spent the afternoon/evening catching up.

buggs was still getting used to me and had a hard time getting accustomed to riding in a strange car, with a whole new person. if memory serves me, i think that when we got out to eat, he barked and barked.

we ended up eating at a mexican food place and sat outside on the patio. it was a really beautiful fall night and we watched the sunset. g***e sat with her back to a cement wall. as i talked to her, i was aware of something moving.

something was congregating, swarming on the wall behind her. i couldn’t stand it. i had to know what was going on. the flashlight on my phone illuminated a moving wall full of crickets. we photographed the phenomena

it was a nice visit, not long enough, but they never are. we talked, laughed, and shared. we walked our dogs. we watched the sunrise the next morning, said our farewells, and gave our hugs. we headed out and left mesquite.

today, i’m headed back to mesquite, with my 77 year-old companion, r*****d. he is taking me to the ford dealership to sign the paperwork and pick-up my “new to me” car. yes, l***a, thank you for encouraging me!!

i found a car that i can still use to drive for lyft and uber. it’s seven years old, had one owner, with a completely clean carfax report. it was the car that i fell in love with, as a rental. mine is just six years older.

my “new to me” car is a 2010 nissan altima. it’s a metallic blue pewter and charcoal inside. it gets great gas mileage and is still under warranty. i like it because it goes really super fast. i’m going to need to be really careful.



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