life is beautiful 2 – bookplate #64 and life is beautiful – bookplate #11…

Life Is Beautiful 2 Mural
life is beautiful 2 – bookplate #64
Life Is Beautiful Mural
life is beautiful – bookplate #11

the desert is a harsh and hostile environment filled with hard, sharp edges and pointy, piercing spikes.

it will harden you, if you let it. it will fry your skin to a thick, brown leather. it will age you quickly and brutally.

the desert will take everything that you have…your money, time, energy, kindness, compassion, and humanity.

it will leave you wondering and bewildered…searching…yearning…antsy…thirsting…uninspired and so alone.

the desert, this desert is the land of illusion, delusion, hallucination, smoke-in-mirrors, and mirage.

it leaves one always wondering…”was that real or was that a figment of my imagination?”

occassionally, the desert surprises you. she serves up some grand gesture, as if to make-up for being so hateful.

this mural was my breathtaking surprise one day. so, large and looming, but also fragile and delicate. beautiful!

as i was going through the photos to put into my book, i couldn’t decide between the two shots, so i included both.

i noticed that i had become really attached to this particular mural. it took me a long while, before it hit me.

there are three things in particular that make this piece special to me. it’s my favorite of all of my street art photos.

i am drawn to the colors and design. it’s kind of muted and washed-out. the placement on the hotel is interesting.

it’s right by a sign for prime rib…ironic. the hotel’s name is el cortez, which elicits good memories of san diego.

finally, the subject matter is so sweet, innocent, kind, and gentle. it’s juxtaposition with everything around is jarring, but it works well.

i guess there was one last thing. when i look at this piece, i see myself. i recognize myself as the robot or possibly my brain’s animatronic librarian. i feel the metallic posturing…the scanning for information gaze…and the lovable goofy, innocence that exists.

there is a bond between girl and robot. to me, it seems like the robot’s only concern is keeping a watch over the sleeping girl. the girl looks like she has been through a lot and just needs a safe place to rest. the robot is up to the task, with eyes wide open.

it’s an unlikely combination, but it works! and so, the robot watches over the girl with the beautiful, brown hair and there they are…for all the world to see…a gift from the vengeful desert.



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