query up…

…i sometimes see my brain as an enormous labyrinth library…dusty, cobwebby bookshelves line each corridor. when a particular kind of query comes to mind the animatronic librarian slowly comes to life he/she takes a plastic capsule from a vacuum tube (like old banks) opens it and reads the query. the answer can be located anywhere within the labyrinth…mind you, he/she is the only librarian…and things are cluttered and messy…he/she may get lucky or take months to find the answer. however, he/she never gives up. when an answer is found it is written on the back of the original query…put into the capsule…placed in the vacuum tube and away it goes…to the next stop realization and sharing. my god, that librarian has been scrambling around the labyrinth all night and found an answer matching a random question, which i thought might be of interest…the dinner party, season 4 – episode 13 of the office.



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