thought police…

…this past year i’ve been given many therapeutic tools, tricks, and exercises. i have used them all and have experienced a great deal of success, that i want to continue to build upon.

i’ve had a lot of success with isolating negative thoughts and switching them to positives. if i have time to write them out, i do…because seeing them helps me to absorb them.

but, i also play “thought police” and try to detain the negatives, before they escape my mind. once detained i can mentally switch to them to positives, but this is not as helpful to me.

the following are some examples:

negative: i will never make it home again.

positive: i am actively working my plan.

negative: nobody likes me.

positive: i’ve got lots of friends.

negative: i won’t be able to get a car.

positive: i have enough for a substantial down payment.

negative: i’m going to end up alone in the hospital.

positive: i’m strong and healthy.



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