…apparently harsh, but loving statements work. they were short, concise, cutting…although the letter itself was long. it received a glowing review from 🕵.

the same person who instilled a fear in me that i never had. the fear that what i have to say is weird, awkward, garbled. that what i have to say has meanings understood only by me.

anyway, she loved the god damn letter (my post: excerpts from a letter). i guess the point is that when i remove the things that i love the most, words and details, my points are well-received.

hearing that cutting out what i loved, made people more receptive to reading what i write, kind of crushed my spirit, yet again. i thought about quitting writing and blogging altogether.

i started to dissect things about myself…comparing and valuing strengths and weaknesses. and then, comparing and contrasting that data with samples of my writing.

i was able to ascertain that all of the extraneous details that i add to things tend to be emotions/feelings, evocative of the senses, memories/experiences, numbers, and big vocabulary.

so, to 🕵…those things are meaningless time wasters. i’m sure by now that most readers that have had issue with my verbose, or as my friend calls it “prolific nature,” have quit reading.

so, that leaves me and what i love, words, descriptions, and details…and everyone else who has come to appreciate my writing for what it actually is…me.

i will not allow 🕵 to take away my voice or my joy. this is my blog and i will try new things, work on being more simple and concise, and i will continue to do it my way.

i want to thank each of my readers for their continued support, encouragement, questions, comments, and suggestions. thank you for reading and trying to understand me!

it’s taken me much longer to finish this bit that i’ve been writing, cutting “me” out, leaving “me” in…over and over again. i’m more than a little frustrated. i’m trying to blend an even mix of both.

wish me luck, as i finish, and then self-edit. hopefully, i will be able to utilize both styles and blend them into something that is both me and concise…meaningful without verbosity.




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