the countess of the cortez…

…was a character vividly captured and played by lady gaga, for the american horror story: hotel saga. 

i was neither an admirer, nor fan of lady gaga before watching this particular season, but that quickly changed.

lady gaga played a vampire countess. her dialogue, wardrobe, and mannerisms had me completely mesmerized.

she captivated me, held my attention, and fueled my imagination. she was vampirically beautiful, stunning actually.

i was rather surprised – no, i was shocked as shit that lady gaga was such a masterful and intoxicating actress. i had no idea.

anyway, lady gaga…the countess of the cortez had many great lines of witty and colorful dialogue. here are some quotes…

“oh, honey. goddesses don’t speak in whispers. they scream.”

“why would i help you when it gives me so much joy to see you suffer?”

“you don’t lack beauty, you lack commitment.”

“you’d be amazed, the wondrous possibilities that could begin with a simple hello.”

“let me help you become who you were born to be: a goddess.”

“this isn’t a crisis… it’s an invitation for an adventure.”

“a woman can only be pushed so far, and i’m right on the edge.”

“we have two selves. one the world needs us to be — compliant — and the shadow. ignore it and life is forever suffering.”

“you may beat me, but you’re not getting out of here without a severe, life-long limp.”

“is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping child?”

“an emotion is like a flavor in my mouth. i can taste it. joy tastes like strawberries. hate is like ice chips in a martini. and love is rosewater. i enjoy them all except for one. betrayal. that has the taste of the char on a piece of burnt meat.”

“he’s full of rage. I can still smell it. like copper.”

“you’re the only woman i’ve ever met whose blood smells like walnuts.”

“we’re destined for something more… intimate.”

“you will learn, it isn’t our precious virus that makes you. it isn’t who you kill or who you screw. it’s the heartbreaks.”


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