8:49 pm and 113°…

…it’s a little hot and i’m quite toasty. j***y gave me a wet towel for my head. i am sitting in front of the fan and i feel better. the air conditioning helps, but it’s struggling to cool our three bedroom apartment. i’ve had a difficult day. i accomplished so much, but yet so little. i got everything done today except for what i really wanted to get done. it was an up and down day. one minute up, one minute down…if it wasn’t r*****d causing arguments and calling us to off load groceries…it was misunderstandings between all of us girls…if it wasn’t that, it was a personal dilemma over a stupid text message. today, everything melted…the groceries, the household, and me. i really don’t drink due to medication, but tonight…iced cold hard cider sounded really good. so, as i work on my seventh cider…i realize that tomorrow is just going to be hotter and more things are going to melt…the desert is neither easy, nor friendly.


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