surreal shopping…

…the other day, i was asked to go to albertsons to buy some protein. i was leaving from therapy, which was across the street. by the time i arrived at albertsons, i knew that i had a problem. 

i wasn’t able to see at all out of one eye, which also affected the other. i was having a hell of a time. i made it out of the car and to the first cart that i could grab onto. it was a home depot cart.

i walked around the store leaning on a cart and tried to find the meat department. i finally found it, but couldn’t see prices or pounds. finally, i just grabbed what i knew…several steaks and ground beef. 

i turned around and tried to navigate my way through the maze of aisles. i started feeling really shaky, sweaty,  and disoriented. i went down the candy aisle and clung to the cart until i felt better.

i finally reached the registers and the cashier and bag boy were so nice and kind to me. i let them know that i wasn’t feeling quite right and they helped me through the entire process.

i made it back to the car and loaded the groceries. i got in and went into “jellyfish mode” in the front seat. i ate something and rehydrated myself. i felt good enough to leave and could see again, so i left.


2 thoughts on “surreal shopping…

    1. hey…it is delicious…i love cock n’ bull products both regular and diet ginger beers are outstanding!! i will send a photo once i get someone to take one of me in my new outfit.

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