happy belated twenty-fourth birthday (june 2, 2017)…

…to you my favorite and only nephew!!! you know that i could never have loved you more, even if you had been my own. 

i always secretly wished that you were my own. i wish that i would’ve petitioned for custody, but everyone convinced me that i’d never win.

maybe things would be different. maybe you would have been spared some of the lessons that you’ve had to learn the hard way. maybe you would care enough to let me know how you’re doing.

you know that i will always love you, even if we never speak again. don’t forget you that it’s your name on the back of my neck. i chose to put it there because i never wanted you to wonder if you were truly loved by another (like i have always wondered about). it was physical proof that you could always look at and see.

i really don’t know anything about you anymore, partly due to my own core values and belief system…and partly, because you hold some kind of resentment or bitterness toward me for something either real or perceived that you feel that i’ve done to you. if you ever want to talk…you know my number, it’s never changed.

if nothing else, just remember that i love you and you can always get a hold of me anytime of the day or night. i’m going to post a few of my favorite photos to celebrate the spirit that i love. 

the gus fink show at our gresham, or gallery
art for dog’s sake gallery – gresham, or
the parents could never keep us too proper
you always knew what the strongest part of the frame was…the glue!!
auntie k*****n and uncle e**k
you and i

at la jolla shores with your first puppy
grown with one of your own
mom’s last camping trip
you made us chicken and mom held a tiny piece on her tongue


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