22 years ago…

it was the first time in 22 years that i’ve been caught speeding. 

the last time, was when k***y and i were taking our road-trip vacation. we drove up the california, oregon, and washington coast and camped along the way. 

i did most of the driving, because i could drive nonstop for hundreds of miles and i could get us where we were going faster than she could.

the first day i drove us to san francisco from san diego (500 miles). met up with her friend v***e and saw some sights. we stayed overnight in the creepiest most horrible old hotel ever. i didn’t sleep even one wink and was ready to go at 5 am.

the next morning, i was driving us from san francisco to crescent city (355 miles). i was incredibly tired from not sleeping the night before and i just wanted to get us there quickly and safely.

we were driving on a small two lane highway with lots of hills and dips. we were driving through a lush, forested area. we were both looking at and watching the changing landscape.

i wasn’t looking at my speed gauge or looking in my rearview mirror. suddenly, there was a wailing siren behind me. and then, i finally looked in my rearview mirror. sure enough…busted!!

i think that at the time i was cited for driving 78 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour speed zone. k***y, of course, needed to document the occassion and took a photo with her old film camera.

it was aweome!! we did a lot of really fun things and met a lot of great people. it was the push that propelled us to call washington home. 

congratulations to me!!


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