online traffic class…

…first of all, i was absolutely guilty of speeding. the officer caught me driving 98 miles per hour, but as i told the girls…who were my passengers at the time and wanted to get to mount charleston quickly…”well, at least i haven’t had a ticket in twenty-two years and he didn’t catch me when i was going 123 miles per hour.”

r****d’s crv doesn’t ever feel like it’s going as fast as it really is. in fact, i was genuinely shocked, when i looked at the gauge and saw 123 miles per hour and that’s when i began to slow down, as i had passengers in the car. the officer caught me upon that deceleration. i was grateful that i had caught going 98 miles per hour. 

the court date for my citation was printed on the bottom of my ticket. on the second of march, i appeared before the judge and pled guilty to driving 28 miles an hour over the speed limit. i was given the choice of paying $318…$218 for fine plus $100 for skipping traffic class and having all three demerit points removed. 

there were two other choices. i could pay $268…$218 for fine plus $50 for sitting through five hours of traffic class and passing a final examination and having all three demerit points removed. the last choice was to pay $218 for fine and disregard traffic class and have the three demerit points applied to license.

of course, i didn’t want the demerit points or to pay more than necessary…so, i chose the second option of paying my fine and sitting through five hours of traffic class, which was proctored online via the nevada dmv. there were a total of seven chapters and if you chose the id verify option, they send your certificate directly to the court.

i chose the id verify option. i had to complete the class before midnight on june 2. they timed you and if you got through the chapter too fast…they would make you wait, before allowing you to move on. each chapter ended with a quiz that i always passed. before allowing you to take the final, you had to evaluate the site.

the instructions for the final said that there were thirty-five random questions and that you needed a 70% in order to pass the class. if you didn’t pass the first time, you could take it again in four hours, which i couldn’t do. it was 8:20 pm and four hours would’ve put me at twenty minutes past midnight. i crossed my fingers.

i dove right in. there were thirty-five random questions, but of those 35, there were 18 that were already answered, already chosen. i checked them to see whether they were answered correctly or not. of those 18, one 1 was incorrect, and i changed it. of the remaining 17 questions, i got them all right and scored 100%.


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