nothing like waiting until the last minute…

…to pay for your speeding ticket and take the stupid online traffic course. i had to wait until i’d saved the money. and then, take and pass the course before midnight on june 2. well, i did that…just barely!! 

i was interrupted all day by r*****d who thought that he was being funny…until i finally came unhinged and threatened to go to my bedroom…that bought me a half an hour of silence. and then, he’d start again and i’d come unhinged again…we did this over and over again all damn day.

the good news is that i’m back to having 0 demerit points on my driving record. it’s not the cure for this lead foot though!! i’m just glad that it’s done and over with. tomorrow, i can post all that i wanted to post today. i’m just to weary to try to right now, tonight.


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