i got it…

…my much needed medication. i picked it up at walgreens on my way out to drive last night.

i took it and drove from 8 pm on friday night to 9 am on saturday (today). i went to bed at 10 am, only to be jarred awake…

…at 11:37 am, by my roommate wanting me to give her a ride somewhere. i was confused and didn’t understand.

i had to be up at 12:30 pm, for a scheduled pick-up that was at 1:20 pm. i still had an hour left to sleep, but after that i was up.

my scheduled pick-up ended up canceling. so, i went back to sleep at 1 pm and was awoken by buggs, when the girls arrived.

was up again at 3 pm and just stayed up, because it just became pointless to continue to try to sleep and be woken up. 

i am getting ready to go out again at 8 pm. perhaps, i get more rest outside of the apartment driving, than inside.


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