more than a little disturbing…

…last night (may 17, 2017), i happened to catch an episode of law and order: special victims unit, season 18, episode 19…aptly and eerily entitled, conversion.

about a year ago, i had a conversation with my friend about something that she had never heard of before. it’s a concept that is hard to wrap your brain around.

it’s really difficult to comprehend that there is so much hate, fear, and loathing of homosexuals within some fundamental christian sects, that groups like h.a. exist.

h.a., also known as, homosexuals anonymous is a group functioning to “help” homosexuals to reprogram their sinful, deviant behavior.

different groups utilize, different methods…intensive group therapy, aversion therapy, gender role reorientation, and even sexual conversion.

as a teen, i had to walk a fine line. i had to pretend to be straight when i obviously wasn’t for fear of being sent to h.a. i was told to “straighten-up,” or i was going.

the thought of conversion therapy terrified me. i lived a lie for eighteen years, because i feared the possible ramifications, of being my true self. 

what i saw last night, truly disturbed me to no end, and i know that it happens. no one wants to admit it, but it does. it will continue, as long as people turn a blind eye to it.

you can view the episode here


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