my sweet new ride…

today, i picked up my rental for lyft, from hertz. i had my choice of a nissan altima or a volkswagen tiguan. one a mid-size sedan and the other an suv. ultimately, i chose according to gas mileage. the altima gets 30 mpg and the tiguan got 22 mpg. the altima it was.

i noticed that the keys were weird, but went and got inside my car. i got buckled in, adjusted all of the mirrors, attached my phone to the window mount, and then i took the e-brake off. here’s where i began getting confused. there was no key and no directions, just a big button, “push to start.”

i pushed it repeatedly and the radio would come on, but not the car. i looked…the car was in park…i tried putting my foot on the brake and pushing the button…hot damn the engine roared. problem solved. i settled into my seat, but my short little legs didn’t quite reach the pedals.

i fiddled around with the controls on the left side of my seat. my seat got warm and then cool. it went up and then down. it went backwards, but not forwards. i went back inside and one of the guys came out to help me. he reached down and easily showed me how the button worked.

i adjusted my seat for my short little legs, started the car, and backed out. it took me awhile, but i was finally out on the road, in my sweet new ride.


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