dear mom…

…happy mother’s day.  it’s hard to be excited to celebrate with all that’s going on…not that i don’t want to celebrate you, because i do. 

i celebrate all that you were: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife, daughter, writer, chef, ski instructor, arborist, quilter, landscape architect, etc.

i celebrate all that you are now…finally, a free spirit with the ability to come and go, as you please. you can finally see the world, that you were never taken to see. 

i learned a lot from you. perhaps the biggest lesson was to not settle…don’t stay when you’re not treated well…don’t waste a moment of your time…be truly happy. 

thank you for giving me systems and order, for teaching me to: read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide, sort, collate, organize, memorize, use my imagination. 

happy mother’s day, mom…i miss you and i love you.


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