box (part two)…

okay so, i’m debating whether to make a lid and make this a true box…or, leaving it as a card tray. 

also, this is an altered art project. i’m taking what i already have and altering the content to fit my purpose. 

i know that all of the cards and the card tray are not pretty, but they’re not supposed to be…this isn’t a “pretty project.”

so, if “pretty” is your thing, please look at my landscape photos of wa, mt, nv, and ia…on instagram @sprockets111. 

these were meant to be like a list of places that this big girl loved going to on vacation. i write like a child. i am a child at heart.

so, the cards have a old-timey, mysterious feel…coupled with an americana-roadside-attraction-kitschy feel.

box building 101
make a lid and make it a box or leave it as a tray

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