how it all stacks up…

…i am adding a few photos that i forgot to post yesterday and i was going to talk about two other points regarding the cards. 

i am working on scanning everything. it is a long process. i will probably be able to post later today, or tomorrow. the scans capture the cards color and vibrance.

there is one card that alters the pattern. it’s not incredibly obvious, but it’s findable. that’s a special card, because it alters what is or what’s supposed to be. 

the text is placed facing left, while the horizontal images face right, and the vertical images face forward. i made the choice to have text and images opposing. 

if a “picture is worth a thousand words,” the viewer creates their own narrative when they view the image, however wrapped up in that…

…is the subtext. the artist’s conscious or unconscious statement, feelings, or message about the image. in this case, there are only 4 intentional, silly messages.

the rest of the text was chosen at random, from a pile and put on the card next to it. i didn’t create the images, so i couldn’t possibly know the photographer’s intent.

i will post the scans, as soon as i am done. the scanner is in r*****d’s room and r*****d is taking a nap. he said, “wake me up when there’s food,” upon his exit.

and, there you have it…

finished stacks: clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts, and jokers.
finished stacks ll: clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts, and jokers.
finally finished with flat hair.
the glasses help, to keep me awake.

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