i had to laugh…

…last night as i began to work on the hearts, i picked up the pulp novel, which was providing me with text.

r*****d is an avid reader and goes through pulp novels within a night, or two. he buys them at saver’s for 25 cents to a dollar.

then, he usually returns them to the same place. i wanted a pulp-type book for the corny, off the wall text.

i picked out some of the text that i liked. i cut some at random and generally left them in a pile…and pulled at random.

of course, there were a couple that i intentionally chose, like voodoo doughnuts. there are 4, one for each suit.

i also wanted a pulp-type book, for the paper quality. it’s rough and porous, full of pulp and will change color over time.

eventually, the cards will achieve an “antique-like” patina…to match the old timey feel of the face/number cards.

r*****d had a stack of books going back to savers. i asked if i could have one, explained why, and he handed me a book.

i never really paid much attention to it. i knew that it was purple or pink, and that one of the characters was from, sweden.

when i came across that bit of information, i got quite a chuckle…because my roommate, j***y, is from sweden.

but, last night i picked up the book, tore a page out, put it down on my desk…left the room…came back and there it was…

…staring at me. i had to laugh out loud. i guess that i never noticed the title, because the author’s name is so huge and gold.

take a look…

unintended consequences – stuart woods
pulp and pen
work space
piles, stacks, matching, aligning – waiting patiently for their turn

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