i thought that i finished the 13 cards, in record time. yesterday,  the clubs took me all day. today, i got the spades done in about three-quarters of a day. 

tonight and tomorrow, i’ll be starting on the diamonds. i think that they will be fun, because they are going to be experiences and adventures.

it will be fun looking at all of the things that i love to do. all of the places and natural wonders made me homesick…i miss going to those places…soon!!

i want to point out that the text is random, it applies only to the message on the reverse side of the card. some are silly nonsense…some just gravitated to the card.

usually, i listen to music and make a playlist, but this time, i’ve been listening to “the office.” i think that it adds joy, frivolity, and happiness to the project. 

i apologize for my terrible penmanship. it’s really hard for me to write, but it’s my list and i thought that i should write it out. it’s a struggle for me sometimes. 

i’m kind of embarrassed to show my work, because of my printing, but it’s kind of growing on me…everything is incredibly imperfect, but i kind of like it.

it’s weird for me to try to adjust to not having the cards in my pocket. i feel like something is missing, but i don’t miss the extra weight pulling my shorts down.

well, i added in a few extra photos and the lighting on the cards was really bad…and, i was too tired and lazy to fix it. so, i apologize for the photo quality. 

here’s how they randomly became roadmaps to adventure:

a – the three graces/the rapiers no. 37

k – trillium lake/the bride no. 47

q – vashon island/the amor no. 42

j – leavenworth/the shepherd no. 52

10 – elephant rock/the rod no. 30

9 – the devil’s punch bowl/the rose no. 41

8 – three capes/the mountain no. 32

7 – bridal veil falls/the clouds no. 25

6 – astoria/the mouse no. 29

5 – cannon beach/the coffin no. 6

4 – olympic peninsula/the eye no. 49

3 – cape lookout/the pig no. 10

2 – victoria island/the star no. 34 

victoria island – before
victoria island – after
cape lookout – before
cape lookout – after
olympic peninsula – before
olympic peninsula – after
cannon beach – before
cannon beach – after
astoria – before
astoria – after
bridal veil falls – before
bridal veil falls – after
three capes – before
three capes – after
the devil’s punch bowl – before
the devil’s punch bowl – after
elephant rock – before
elephant rock – after
leavenworth – before
leavenworth – after
vashon island – before
vashon island – after
trillium lake – before
trillium lake – after
the three graces – before
the three graces – after
practice – trillium lake
patience – the three graces

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