oprah/deepak 21-day meditation experience, days 20, 21, & 22…

dear friends,

i can’t believe how many of you participated with me in this experience throughout the world. i was contacted by many new friends from some surprising countries, all sharing the same mind. all of us seeking “hope in uncertain times.”

i want you all to know, that i never deserted you. the first absence: i took some time to explore the opportunities that my renewed hope brought to me. the opportunities filled me with happiness and joy, like i hadn’t had in years. 

the second: i’ve been taking some time to meditate, feed my soul, and fuel my hope through art. i’ve been going through my experiences of “home” and thinking about what each have taught me. i’m focusing my hope. i’m open to possibilities. i’m hopeful.

today is the last day of our 21-day meditation experience, but our hope goes on. we’ve learned that our hope is our strength…to stop, listen, and ask, “what is this experience telling me?” and, that hope is always there, in every moment. 

also, just in case you were wondering, i realized that we were given a bonus of day 22. i will continue to post meditations, if anyone wants to continue along with me on this journey. 

all the best…namaste.

day 20, day 21, and day 22 meditations are below…

the focus of day 20: hope offers forgiveness. 

the centering thought: everyday i move toward forgiveness. 

the sanskrit mantra: om sarvatva namah. 

the translation: the wholeness of the universe is my true nature.

the message of the day: “hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” samuel smiles 

your day 20 meditation can be found here 

the focus of day 21: the secret of enlightenment. 

the centering thought: in every moment of hope, i free myself.

the sanskrit mantra: sat chit ananda. 

the translation: life is absolute bliss consciousness. 

the message of the day: “knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” – lao tzu 

your day 21 meditation can be found here 

the focus of day 22: hope holds the future of the world.

the centering thought: i live in the world of my vision.

the sanskrit mantra: aham brahmasmi.

the translation: i am the wholeness of universal existence. 

the message of the day: hope is not dead, it is just larger than our imaginations: it’s purpose extending far beyond our comprehension.” – kathy hobaugh 

your day 22 meditation can be found here 

thank you all for sharing this experience with me!!


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