welcome to the “clubs”…

i realize that it’s no longer my friend’s birthday, but i’m still working…around a lot of distractions. i’m excited about my progress and being able to see my 3rd grader, birthday gift take shape.

i started with clubs. to me, they are symbolic of natural wonders…physical objects and places. i have finished the clubs and decided to share them early. please pardon my penmanship. 

here’s how they randomly became roadmaps to adventure:

a – snoqualmie falls/the roads no. 31

k – palouse falls/the bear no. 50

q – olympic hot springs/the wine no. 40

j – multnomah falls/the order no. 45

10 – san juan islands/the tower no. 35

9 – mount hood/the park no. 26

8 – mount rainer/the snake no. 13

7 –  mount saint helens/the lilies no. 20

6 – lake chelan/the lightning no. 43

5 – crater lake/the clover leaf no. 33

4 – columbia river gorge/the key no. 4

3 – battle ground lake/the tree no. 5

2 – the ape cave/the railroad no. 46

the ape cave – before
the ape cave – after
battle ground lake – before
battle ground lake – after
columbia river gorge – before
columbia river gorge – after
crater lake – before
crater lake – after
lake chelan – before
lake chelan – after
mount saint helens – before
mount saint helens – after
mount rainer – before
mount rainer – after
mount hood – before
mount hood – after
san juan islands – before
san juan islands – after
multnomah falls – before
multnomah falls – after
olympic hot springs – before
olympic hot springs – after
palouse falls – before
palouse falls – after
snoqualmie falls – before
snoqualmie falls – after

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