still working…

…but, i’m taking a quick break.

i thought that i would take a minute to discuss my project/birthday gift…i know that i’m running out of time for today, but i will finish.

so, i did do an art project using a deck of cards before, but that was just a plain old deck of playing cards. 

for this project, i’m using a deck of gypsy witch fortune telling/playing cards. the cards can be both read and played.

i carried this deck around in my pocket everywhere. no, i’m not crazy or creepy. what i was attempting to do was, fill the cards with positive energy. i also used them to give me ideas.

these are the places that they went and these are the qualities that i attempted to fill them with. they went to therapy…so, peace, healing, calm, and wholeness. they went into the casino with me and i won $12.60 playing penny keno…so, luck and good fortune. they went with me on my visit with l***a and e**c…so, fun, friendship, happiness, joy, adventure, and love. they have walked with me and rowed with me…so, health and strength. and, they have been with me as i have written, taken photographs, and created art…so, creativity and inspiration. that’s why i carried them with me and that’s what i hope that they are filled with.

anyway, awhile ago, my friend asked me to make her a list of places to explore in the pacific northwest. i had a list, but never sent it, because i hadn’t heard back from her and didn’t know if she still wanted it. 

i knew that her birthday was coming up, so, i decided to make her a birthday gift, based on the list that she had asked for…and, post it on my blog, for her to see…if she happened to look.

i have to say that my original concept and my technique are two different things. the thoughts, feelings, and interest are there…it is just looking like a third grader did it.

i’m mainly talking about my printing. i decided to handwrite the captions instead of type them, because it was my list, and it came from me. i wanted to pass that along.

the cards are beautiful and imperfect, just like me and my friend. there are rough edges and smooth edges. the foil tape reflects the viewer. the text adds a whole other dimension of conversation, with it’s subtext.

when reading, either side of the cards can be used…to tell your fortune, or choose an adventure…and if nothing else, there is always solitaire

so, the deck consists of 13 cards of 4 suits and 3 jokers, for a total of 55 cards. that’s why it’s taking me so long!

i decided that the clubs and spades would represent natural wonders and physical places. and, i decided that the hearts and diamonds would represent experiences and adventures…things that fill the heart, spirit, and mind.

so, i just finished the clubs. they are all wonders of nature. places and things that feed the senses. the beautiful world around us. 

i’m considering posting the finished clubs and animation. i’ll let that marinate. now, it’s on to the spades.


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