day two…

…hee-hee-hee of the birthday present that i thought would be done yesterday…yeah, no problem…i’m going to blame it on l***a and e**c for stealing me away for three days and two nights…from my hum-drum artistic process…for filling me with kindness and conversation…and lookie here…i am not old, off of my game, or slow…i finally figured it out at 2 am…this project presents the images, some text, and placements randomly however it “falls.” Once the image and card are in front of me…some text is random, others chosen…the placement has already been dictated by the pattern from the first card…the 2 of clubs, but then i have to figure out how to make it work…and the hardest part…making my hand write the tags…today the project’s penmanship looks more like a 2nd grader’s work…but, the main thing is that i’m having fun, using my brain, and staying out of trouble…i have three spades left…and, i’ll be done with spades…and post.


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