our vegas adventure (part two)…

l***a, e**c, buggs, and i went up to our room. we recharged our phones and our bodies for an hour or two. 

l***a and i took buggs down 16 floors to go potty. he hated walking on the marble floor, so l***a carried him around.

she was very patient with me, as i stopped to take photos of everything that was interesting to me.

we sat down for a moment and gambled a little bit. i put two dollar bills in and got nothing in return, that’s why i don’t play.

buggs sat with l***a at the keno machine. he seemed to be watching. he was overstimulated, by the sights and sounds. 

we went back up to the room and met up with e**c. we talked about what we should do next.

we decided to leave and go to dinner. all of us were going to go, but buggs kept crying, so, e**c stayed behind with him.

l***a and i decided to go to the noodle house. i already knew that i wanted pad thai, but she wasn’t sure.

she glanced and saw something that said chow mein, but didn’t see that it also had seafood in it…shrimp, scallops, mussels. 

our food arrived and mine looked delicious, but l***a’s looked literally like “sea snot.” i felt so bad for for her.


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