happy birthday…

to my friend. i don’t know that you’ll see this, but it’s the thought that counts…maybe you will, if so…please know that i hope that you have a wonderful day, full of the happiness, love, and joy that you so deserve. 

i meant what i said…i do care about you, you are my friend…i always will and i will always be available to you, if you need me…but i want nothing from you. i just want you to be happy.

anyway, if you read this. i have been working on something artsy for your birthday. when i’m done…i’ll post it. if you decide that you want it, it’s yours. 

i hope that you have a very happy birthday!! 



it’s very late

but, i know it’s your birthday 

and i wanted to wish you all the best 



i just wanted to state 

that i was thinking of you 

as i’m creating your artsy gift



you may have to wait

i’m working meticulously 

but, it’s taking me longer than expected



hoping your day is great

will be posting your gift later

as soon as it’s done, it’s one of a kind, the only one


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