self-improvement 101…

so in my effort to improve myself, grow as an individual, and learn more about what it is that i really like, versus what i don’t…i’ve been exposing myself to new people, places, things, and food.

one of the things that i’ve realized over the years, is that my mother told me that i didn’t like a whole lot of things that i ended up liking later; mayonnaise; avocado; brussels sprouts; spinach; cilantro. 

so, i’ve been trying new things. things that i’ve liked: veggie straws, protein shakes, adobada, red lights, traffic in downtown vegas, the fremont experience, meditation, going to the dog park, talking to strangers.

things that i haven’t liked: still don’t like seafood other than tuna, jenny’s swedish christmas drink, any meat that must be gnawed from a bone, dark meat chicken, religious groups attempting to convert me.

when i was with m****a, one of her daughters loved dry roasted seaweed. i saw it at the 99 cent store and bought a bunch. i prepared an easter box for the girls, but never sent due to breakup.

last night i worked on my art project until the wee hours and just wanted a healthy snack. i remembered that i still had it and decided to try something new. i put it in my mouth, it melted into my tongue…

i immediately knew that it wasn’t for me. it was a taste and a texture thing, both equally awful to me. i had a really hard time trying to get it all out of my mouth. i had to brush my teeth and tongue.


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