our vegas adventure (part one)…

on the day that my friend l***a called me, to remind me that she was coming to visit…i was still wearing my c-pap and talking funny. my lips were very chapped, since i lost my chapstick, and i figured that since i was on relationship restriction anyway…it didn’t really matter if i had chapped lips, or not. 

l***a asked me if i had made a list of places for us to go, of course, i had weeks ago. i pulled it off my blog and sent it to her. we were both excited to see each other, since the last time that we saw each other…was when we both still lived in san diego…in 1995. she told me to be ready, because she and e**c were going to kidnap me.

i laughed so hard, so much, and smiled so big, that not only did my cheeks and jaws hurt, but i felt as the skin on my bottom lip…ripped apart, to form a deep, wide valley…and immediately i felt a warm, sticky trail of blood running down my chin. i didn’t care, because something made me truly happy and it felt great.

i took a selfie and sent it to her, after we got off the phone. i had an awful looking split on my lip, until just a few days ago. anyway, l***a arrived at the apartment and after some 22 year old hugs in waiting…she looked at me and asked, “are you ready? where’s your bags?” i guess that i didn’t think that she was serious.

i mean i thought that when she said, “kidnap,” it was a joke or figure of speech. but, she was serious. i ran off and packed up my c-pap, clothes, toiletries, and buggs stuff. yes, buggs went with us. she swooped us up and swept us off to the beautiful red rock hotel and casino, in las vegas. we took buggs and bags upstairs, to room 16140.

our room was on the 16th floor and had a phenomenal view, overlooking the pools and the mountains. we took some photos, got settled in, and split some pastrami for lunch. buggs needed to go out, so we decided to check out the pools and surrounding area. the red, velvety, chaise lounges looked really inviting and comfy.

so, we decided to settle in and talk. we talked about the past, the present, and the future. the atmosphere and company were very conducive to my relaxation. i was happy to have a friend to talk to and hang out with…someone positive, caring, and funny. buggs was even very happy, calm, and relaxed…lying on my chest.

we took lots of photos and just enjoyed each other’s company, until e**c was done with his conference. then, we made the hike back up to our room. so, these are the photos that go with part one. i am working on the photos for part two. i’m hoping to have them done for later. i got a few good shots, but i had a lot more fun. 😊


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