life is surprising…

…never in a million years did i ever expect to have the kind of visit that i just had with my old high school friend and neighbor, l***a.

i knew that i would enjoy my visit. i knew that we would catch up and have fun, but there were a lot of unknowns lurking around out there, too.

would her husband like me? would i have “verbal diarrhea,” talk too much? would i “swear like a sailor.” would she accept me, as i was now, as opposed to how i was?

what would i do with buggs? if i brought him along, would he behave? i knew i’m stronger and healthier, but would i be physically able to do all and keep up?

l***a later confided, that she was worried that i wouldn’t like her, as much as i used to…that she was boring…and that, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

while each of us were truly excited to see one another. we each worried about the perceived “worst” parts of ourselves…as some women tend to do.

not all, but some women, can only see or focus on areas of their lives/personas that they feel or see as being “less than,” and completely overlook areas of “more than.”

sometimes, we think that we’re the only ones, and just believe the lies that we think about ourselves. we don’t tend to share these feelings. they create vulnerability. 

as we actually lounged poolside on red, velvety, chaise lounges…we talked about our worries regarding our visit, we both felt relieved, and we laughed.

l***a called my attention to this matter. she said that we needed to focus more on our strengths, less on our weaknesses, and support each other, and others like us.

what i love about l***a today, is what i’ve always loved about her. she isn’t afraid to share, to talk about anything, to be vulnerable, to listen, accept, and love.

she came here for many reasons, but one of her reasons was me. she told me right away, that while there, she was going to be my emotional support person.

she was. i hope that i was kind of that for her, too. she and her husband shared their kindness, compassion, humor, stories, laughter, support, and love with me.

when i say that they spoiled me rotten. they did. i tried to help, but was turned away. she looked at me and told me that she wanted to share what she had with me.

she touched me way deep down in my soul and the tears nearly began. there were endless amounts of hugs, assistance with bags and buggs, and not pity, but love.

i know that even after all these years, the wonderful and lovely qualities that make l***a, l***a…still make her, her. we were able to pick-up right where we left off.

it was easy!! it was fun!! it was epic!! e**c is one of the kindest, funniest, and gracious men i’ve ever met. they make a great pair. l***a finally found love and she deserves it.

seeing them happy together, just recently married, fills me with hope. it took their romance several years of knowing each other to finally unfold…but it did.

l***a and e**c, i love you both and miss our adventures, conversations, and laughter!! i will be coming out to visit you very soon. thank you so much!!

l***a i will always love you for accepting me for being a lesbian, in 1992. i’m just sorry that i didn’t tell you first. i was scared that i would lose you as a friend.

thank you for your enduring love and friendship…i love my friend ❤❤❤.


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