tomorrow, tomorrow…

we’ll start the day tomorrow with a song or two

tomorrow, tomorrow

we’ll start the day tomorrow with a smile for you

til then i hope you’re feeling happy
til then i hope your day is snappy

tomorrow, tomorrow

it soon will be tomorrow and be our day
we will say a very happy tomorrow to you

mr. rogers used to sing that song, when he was taking his tennis shoes off, and leaving the show for the day. 

i always felt secure when i watched that show, because i knew that he never varied his routine. he came in and changed. he left and changed back. no surprises. 

i absolutely hated his land of make believe. those puppets were old and hideous…especially lady elaine fairchild. i will cop to having a minor crush on lady aberlin at one time, when i was like seven.

so, the significance of tomorrow, tomorrow…is that tomorrow, while yes, it’s only a day away (yes, i know. it’s a different song)…or a few hours…it is the day that my “homegirl,” l***a is coming to have an epic, vegas adventure with me!!!

first stop…whiskey experience at the venetian, where buggs and i have been invited to stay with her and her husband. so, no meds for me tomorrow…because i haven’t had more than one whiskey sour, on occasion…the three times that i went out with the girls.

and, i haven’t been out…truly motherfucking out, since i lived with k***y. so, i’m going to soak up all of the fun, adventure, and spontaniety that i can, while i have someone(s) who actually wants to do stuff, with me.

tomorrow is going to be a very good day…


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