my carb collapse…

…only lasted for a few hours the other night and then, it was right back on the wagon. no more bagels and no more donuts…and, no more sticky phone.

…i was scared to be weighed at the doctor’s office and was rueing the day. i didn’t drink coffee or have scrambled eggs, because i thought they’d add to my weight.

…i arrived for my appointment, set my phone and keys on the chair. i stepped up onto the scale…feeling absolutely disgusted, i muttered a prayer.

…well, i was just shocked and taken aback. my heart was pumping. i had sweaty palms. when he read me the verdict, i nearly keeled over.

…because the way that i heard it, all serious and stuff…the doctor said ten pounds in three weeks…was more than enough. 

…i’m guessing that it’s the row-row-rowing, that’s kept me from grow-grow-growing. i’m walking the dog and getting real strong, i’ll be in shape before too long.

down ten more pounds

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