exploration (part three)…

…i’ve discovered something about las vegas. it has a very big reputation, but it’s actually very small. okay, when you are up close and in the middle of the strip, the hotels appear to be big and expansive, but they’re really not as big, as they seem to be in movies…everything is smoke in mirrors here…optical illusions and sleight of hand. 

…there is a lot of history here, some of it, you have to search for and find it yourself…and some of it, is clearly marked and out on display…like the haunted museum, neon museum (“the boneyard”), the mobster museum, the museum of burlesque, wayne newton’s casa de shenandoah, and so much more.

…this city is cool, because there is art everywhere!! almost every area of the city has street art, public art, murals, or interesting graffiti. the old hotels and motels of yesteryear, have been boarded up, and embellished with color, text, pattern, texture, and shapes. there are “artistic messages,” everywhere.


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