dog day afternoon…

buggs and i haven’t been able to go to the dog park, for a long time. we’ve both missed our friends there and buggs has had “cabin fever,” big time. 

i’ve felt so badly, but finally was able to get us both there today. it was a beautiful, sunny, desert day. it wasn’t too hot, but it was definitely warm, about 85°.

my boy, buggs, is very predictable…he always runs in and cops a squat…then, it’s off to pee on everything. he gives his “little dog” companions, the once over…

…and then, runs straight over to the fence that divides “the littles,” from “the larges,” and barks until one of “the larges” will run with him…up and down the fenceline.

today, there were some beautiful, large dogs. there was a gigantic, 8 month old rottweiler…a gorgeous, 6 month old doberman…and a beautiful, pit bull.

they all greeted him and gave him runs for his money. however, his favorite running mate, was the feisty, female pitbull. they ran and ran, stopping only for water.

buggs ended up exhausting her, she went and laid down, but he kept running…until he finally got tired and laid down under the bench, in the shade.

we left after two hours of socializing with old and new friends. he was fully satisfied and left a “happy camper.” i got him a plain, hamburger patty from mcdonald’s. 

he scarfed it down little bits at a time. we went back to the apartment and he crashed. as i write this, he is curled up in a little ball on my lap. it was a good day.

hot dog
tired, happy dog

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