i am so excited…

i just got a call from my friend, l***a, that used to be my neighbor. she was calling to remind me that, she and her husband will be arriving next sunday.

i hadn’t forgotten. i’d been looking forward to it, but it got pushed to the back of my mind, with everything that’s been going on lately. 

she told me to have my list ready of all of the fun things that we can do and see. her husband has a conference and she will have a rental car. we can just go anywhere.

i am so excited to see my old friend of about 35 years. the last time i saw her was in 1994, 23 years ago. i am also excited to meet her new husband.

hope is all around me. i need to focus on that more and less on extraneous things that are ultimately of no consequence. i am really trying…


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