grape valley…

lacking in substance

i planned it all out

my feet really hurt

wasn’t going without

pushed to my limit

i momentarily caved

it was carbs and sugar

bread and sweets, i craved

i scoured the market

the bakery first

bagels and fritters

my heart nearly burst

i felt guilty and shameful

as i stood in line

the cashier took my money

the goods were all mine

i turned on “the office”

had a good laugh, with my cry

all were sleeping

on came the high

the squishiness of my bagel

i savored each bite

the sweetness of my baked good

it was sheer delight

i remember munching

my eyes closed tight

while doing my meditation 

my hope soared like a kite

my meditation, it ended

with the chime of a bell

i took off my headphones

and, stowed them well

i knew, as i shifted

i was primed for a fall

fell right out of bed

hit my head on the wall

later on, i realized, that

i must’ve touched my phone

with sticky, “donut hands”

and, let out a displeased groan

i thought that i cleaned it

got all of the sugary stuff

it’s almost a day later

guess my job’s not up to snuff


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