13 reasons why (part two)…

is a new netflix original series. i highly recommend it to parents and non-parents, to anyone really. 

it follows all that’s involved in the student-life at fictional, liberty high school, which is located in a small, nondescript town.

i want to talk about the show, but i also don’t want to give any of it’s important storylines away.

i will say that there are 13 reasons why the main character decides to take the course of action that she does.

the series revolves around the action, talking about it as a past event, and weaves it’s way backwards to the action itself.

it portrays different stereotypical students: jocks, cheerleaders, student council, nerds, rebels, gays, and outcasts.

the series is broken into 13 separate, but intermingled storylines about 13 different, but enmeshed individuals.

it takes 13 different events, performed by 13 different people to create the “perfect storm” of emotional “fallout.”

in the end, everyone’s lives were truly changed forever. that one person, taught them all how it felt to be “less than.”

how it felt to be bullied, to be invisible, to be friendless, to be unheard, to not be believed, and to be lonely…very lonely.

it touched me and moved me in so many ways. i have gone through each of those feelings. i still go through some of them.

i experienced those feelings, not in high school, but rather at church, within my own family, and in other “relationships.”

i understand, hannah baker. i feel her hurt, her vulnerability, her willingness to keep looking for a reason to stay.

what i understand the most is the fact that she just wanted someone to come after her, to just give her that glimmer of hope. 

she just wanted someone to care enough to really see her, talk to her, hear her, and give her their time…be her friend.


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