and, down i came…

…with a boom. i was walking buggs after coming back to the apartment, from the dmv. we were moving along at a very swift pace…one minute i was upright and enjoying the view…the next moment, i was lying in the street of our complex, looking into the pavement. 

i guess that i got a little too cocky with the big rocks. i’m not exactly sure what happened, but down i came with a boom. i really scared buggs, my hand let go of his leash, but he never left my side. he sat by my face and gave me kisses, until i was able to get up.

i was so grateful for not falling on buggs. when i finally made it to my feet, i picked him up and told him that i loved him. i assured him that i was okay and carried him back to the apartment. when i arrived, i pulled my shorts leg up and surveyed the result. 

i took a gouge out of my knee and bruised up the rest of my leg. j***y came at me with a pair of purple, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and band-aids. she doused it with alcohol, scrubbed it out, and put two band-aids on it. i was all fixed up and as good, as new.

and then, richard had to add his fifty cents and said, “oh now that you’re an old broad, it’s going to take you a lot longer to bounce back.” i just ignored him, but dammit, he’s kind of right. my body is sore and aches everywhere, and to make things worse, i fell out of bed onto the fan yesterday. 

i’m a little sore still today.


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