another step.

checked off the list.

accomplished in 38 minutes. 

nice ladies at dmv.

photo lady agreed to.

make me look cute.

they require you to. 

remove your spectacles.

as they use.

facial recognition software. 

apparently, i have a super-duper.

motherfucking, enchanced license.


it killed me.

more than you will ever know.

to surrender, my super-cute.

washington state driver’s license. 

i keep telling myself.

onward, upward, forward.

eyes on the prize.

the complete package of self-love.


four and a half months.

i can do that. 

i’ve fucking got this.


then, i’m clicking my heels.

and, going the fuck home.

a very different person. 

than that person.

that was displaced.

healthy, strong, valid, capable.

wise, knowing, healed, confident.

and, since i enjoy “v-words.”

vivid, valuable, vivacious, victorious. 


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