using my time wisely…

while we were still at the hair salon and w***y was getting her haircut…and j***y was getting hers re-cut, down to a ‘1’. 

i went outside and had my own adventure. i used my time wisely and explored the surrounding area, taking photos as i went.

it’s funny because neither of them will do anything, without the other, but i find that i just can’t wait to get out and be by myself.

i’m sure that i would love to have a girlfriend and have adventures with her…but, i don’t need it. i can enjoy myself.

i love just wandering and getting lost in my own thoughts, and surroundings…that’s when i feel that i take my best photos.

as i wandered i saw a bunch of wonderful random things. i saw a lady with white hair, fancy clothes, and a walker.

i had a bossy boxer barking at me through a fence. saw lovely palm trees, aloe vera, and other plants.

and then, i saw everyday objects like chairs, benches, and tables…that i looked at in a completely different way. 

i wanted to show what i saw…shapes, textures, angles, lines, curves, repetition, shadows, light, and pattern.

anyway, here are some random shots:


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