no, shorter please…

yesterday, when we went to elements salon for haircuts, we all looked pretty horrible. j***y’s hair looked like a poofy mushroom. my hair made me look like a shaggy dog. and, w***y looked like some kind of strange topiary. 

j***y went first and asked for a ‘2’…off came piles of hair. it was fast work, with those clippers, but eventually j*****e was able to make j***y look more “normal.” when she was finally done, j***y was all smiles and very happy.

i went next. mind you, the last time that i had my haircut, was december 12, 2016…the day before buggs and i went to iowa. so, it had been a long time, almost four months. i can accumulate an awful lot of hair in four months.

my hair grows really quickly and very thickly. so, when j*****e our hair stylist, asked me if i wanted a ‘2’ and a faux hawk. i said, “no, shorter please.” i decided that i would go with a ‘1’ and very short faux hawk. i began feeling both better…

and a bit nauseous as the hair fell off in great big globs and chunks. you see, i’m really weird, but i don’t like loose hair touching me. when i was younger my dad used to taunt me with globs of shower drain hair and it just grosses me out.

so, as it fell off, i shook my cape and onto the floor it fell. i did notice than my hair was several different colors…chocolate brown underneath, red on the top and sides, and the front had big chunks of blonde. i guess that it’s from the sun.

anyway, i was finally done. i looked and felt so much better. i think that i must be about two pounds lighter. the pile of hair on the floor was enormous. and, for as much as it disgusted me, i took some photos of my unwanted, extra hair.

w***y went next, saw my ‘1’ and asked for the same…j***y wanted a ‘1’ too, after that…so, j*****e went back and re-buzzed j***y’s hair. i didn’t stick around for that nonsense, i went outside and utilized my time alone to take photos.

here are some before and after shots:


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