baby steps…

and, i don’t know what will happen to him, when i’m no longer his “captive” audience. he will have to find a new “babysitter.” 

i’ve completed several important steps. i began rowing for my health. i opened an able account for my future housing. 

i am getting my haircut today, so that i can take a decent driver’s license photo tomorrow. 

i will have my nevada driver’s license and will be able to begin driving full-time, while socking the money into my account. 

if my calculations are correct, i should hit my yearly contribution cap…$14,000, in four and a half months. 

i’m thinking that by august, i should be closing on my beach home. i’ll have my down payment amount matched… 

…by washington state’s home choice program for disabled people. i think that i’ll be able to seriously begin looking…

…in june. i’ve taken the first few baby steps, towards my future, and my new life, as the new me. i’m becoming excited.


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