a tumultuous day…

today was a tumultuous day. it began bright and sunny. then, it changed on a dime and became instantly stormy.

giant black, grey, navy blue, and deep violet clouds filled up the space previously occupied by the sun’s brilliance.

the wind picked up and so did the dust. uncompacted pieces of refuse swirled: plastic bags, receipts, straw wrappers.

the light was all but snuffed out, by the invasive darkness. a loud boom of thunder, was followed by a flash of lightning.

the clouds seemingly split apart, due to the sheer weight of their contents. hail spilled out first, but then began pelting things.

people scurried to take cover, in their cars or apartments. the birds took a hiatus from singing and hunkered down for a bit.

i went out into it, as i’ve been “caged,” since thursday. i needed to be free…seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling nature.

dust blew into my eyes. my hair whipped about. the smell of rain was in my nostrils. i soaked in the water and was hit by hail.

it felt good, really good. i felt alive and ready to get back out into the world. this week will bring freedom, once and for all.

buggs and i will both have our wants. i’ll have wheels, make money, and build my “egg.” he’ll play while at doggie daycare.

we will both be out, socializing, enjoying our time, and then meet back up later to walk, cuddle, and spend time together. 

the only tumultousness that i’m willing to have in my life, is from forces of nature, like i reveled in this afternoon. 


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