i’m really not sure what to think…

…about a bit of live music news that was picked by my smartphone, for me to read this morning. the piece by, live for live music, was entitled: the revivalists’ david shaw gets mauled by tiger onstage keeps going.   

the article was illustrated with photographs of david shaw, with a gash on his head and blood running down his face. i read the entire article, thinking that once again, i’d “cursed” another band/singer. as i have written about bands/singers…

…several times and shortly thereafter they died. some of the latest ones, were scott weiland from stone temple pilots, david bowie, and prince. after those events occurred, i began feeling like maybe i was a jinx. i read the whole article thinking…

…that, that’s exactly what i was…a jinx. especially since, i’ve spent so much time listening to their music, watching their videos, reading their lyrics, and writing extensively about them. i got to the very end of the article, looked at the last photo…

…i happened to notice, that under the photo it said, “happy april fools!” then, i began googling to try to ascertain whether or not, david shaw, had been mauled by a tiger. i found nothing other than said article. i’m glad that it was a hoax…

…i’m not a jinx…well, i hope i’m not a jinx…


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