out and about…

…after therapy, i took an hour for myself to explore more. the first part of my adventure, was indeed, just that…a wild and crazy…surreal vegas adventure and I loved every moment of it. 

well, yesterday we received emergency alerts all day for severe dust storms and wind gusts between 65-90 mph. they were advising everyone that didn’t need to be out, to stay home. i really needed to be out.

people were looking at me like i was crazy. and well, maybe i am…just a little. i was driving around with my windows rolled all the way down. i wanted to feel the power of the wind, whipping through my hair.

it felt incredible. i loved it. i was focusing on how it made me feel and was pulling up to a light. i heard some kind of an eerie noise that i hadn’t ever heard before.

it was a really loud, really long crack, followed by a few little thuds. i looked around and couldn’t figure out where or what the noise was coming from. before i could have another thought a giant, old…

…tree came apart and fell in smaller pieces and then, the rest fell down, right in front of me, right across my lane…and, miraculously without hitting anyone. i stopped where i was, to safely…

…negotiate my way around the huge tree itself,  and all of it’s debris. there was a big, gold escalade behind me, that was becoming more and more impatient…honking his horn repeatedly.

he swerved out from behind me and into the lane next to me, trying to get around me. as i sat, patiently waiting for my turn around the tree…i heard another god awful noise. it was coming from my right side.

it was the sound of metal on metal…crunching, scraping, buckling. at first, i thought, “oh god, not richard’s crv!!” and then, i thought, “well, this car didn’t move at all, it couldn’t have been this car.”

so, i looked over to my right and watched as the giant, gold escalade continued it’s way past me, scraping a parked car as it continued to force it’s way around. i was just dumbfounded. 

why would someone do that? it’s completely beyond me. i pulled over, once i got safely around the tree, to make sure that there was no damage to richard’s crv. i was relieved to see that there was none.

i was only able to get one shitty photo of the tree. here are a few of my driving photos…


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