good morning…

…it was a beautiful, desert day. i got to use the car and go to therapy. which was also really good. 

my therapist had assigned me some homework,  but i was confused and didn’t know what she was asking for exactly.

this was my homework: define negative and positive from multiple perspectives (cultural, spacial, medical, etc.).

i just didn’t get what she was asking me for until she explained it to me. medically, negative has a very good connotation. 

if your blood work comes back negative, it means that you don’t have hepatitis, hiv,  cancer, anemia, or anything else.

artistically,  negative…rather, negative space is quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in a image. just as important as that object itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space.

i understood a little better, but for some reason,  i wouldn’t have come to that conclusion. 

anyway,  i had a good morning and a great day…


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